Networking & Telecommunications

U.S. firms spend about $155 billion annually on networking and telecommunications hardware and nearly $800 billion on networking services. The U.S. market for Operating Systems exceeded $100 billion in 2005.

DigiComm Solutions provide the following networking and telecommunications services:

  • Network Infrastructure Installation
  • Network Security and Management
  • Computer Networking (Peer-to-peer and client-server Microsoft Windows architectures)
  • Computer Operating System & Software Installation and Maintenance
  • Microsoft Windows Servers Installation, Configuration, Management, Backup, and Optimization
  • Wireless Networks Installation, Configuration, Security, and Management
  • File, Printer, Fax, and other network resources sharing
  • Customized Applications Installation and Sharing
  • Office Productivity Software Installation, Configuration, and Maintenance
  • Provide Secure Remote Access and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) Solutions
  • Provide Imaging and Archiving Solutions for Paperless Office
  • Annual Service Contracts to support our customers’ IT infrastructure
  • Provide Voice over IP (VoIP) Solutions
  • Provide Cloud-base Solutions (Azure, AWS)