Surveillance Security Systems

A surveillance security cameras system is a must for most of businesses. Many business owners think that it is an unnecessary expense, but we assure you that a surveillance security system is one of the best business investments that you will make; it will pay for itself within one or two months.

Many business owners do not see the advantages for such technology. Here are the most important reasons for why you should consider a surveillance security cameras system:

1. Theft and vandalism prevention
2. Customer sense of security
3. Accepted by insurance adjusters for insurance clams
4. Theft and shop lifting monitoring
5. Employees monitoring
6. Remote off-site monitoring

Our Digital Video Recorders (DVR) will store surveillance feed from 4, 8, and 16 security cameras 24/7 for weeks depending on the storage on the DVR.

DigiComm Solutions provide the following security services:

  • Provide our customers with Surveillance Security Systems (Cameras, DVRs, cabling, etc…)
  • Provide our customers with a Secure Remote Access capability to be able to view their businesses via the Internet.